FAQ about the Total Body Tabata Program

Do I have to already be fit to take a Tabata Body Tabata™ class?
TBT™ is for all fitness levels.  TBT™ is designed to offer 3 levels of intensity for each exercise.  Since Total Body Tabata™ is based on short durations of intervals, you'll pick the intensity level that is right for you. You will be able to go from working “hard” (RPE 6), to “harder” (RPE 7), to “hardest” (RPE 8-9) as you become fitter.  

Where can I find a Total Body Tabata™ class.
Currently Total Body Tabata is exclusively at The SeattleGYM. If you would like to see TBT™ at your gym, please ask your gyms group fitness coordinator to contact us about scheduling a Total Body Tabata Instructor Training.

How many times a week should I do HiiT?
3x/week.  Mix this into your steady-state cardio routine to achieve optimal results.

When will I see results of TBT HiiT?
4-6 weeks.

What is HiiT?
High Intensity Interval Training.  Total Body Tabata(tm) is a HiiT program.

How do I progress my TBT™ Workout?
Three fundamental practice guidelines in the following order are essential in maintaining success and safety of the exerciser:

  1. FORM: This is your number one FOCUS. Once you can demonstrate good FORM you can then increase the intensity by going to the next guideline.
  2. Increase ROM: After you have mastered good FORM you are ready to increase Range Of Motion. Examples are: add bigger arms, bigger leg movements, add jumps or add a bench to hop on. Contact TBT if you need instructions of how to increase ROM, we will be happy to help.
  3. Increase SPEED: Go faster than the beat of the music and shoot for beating the number of reps you completed in the last cycle, (make it a challenge against yourself and time: keep a log of the REPS you complete)

Following these guidelines in this order will prevent injury and increase the intensity of your Total Body Tabata™ workout.  No class ever needs to be the same.  Personalize it as your fitness level progresses! Good Luck!

How do I become a Total Body Tabata™ Instructor?
Please go to "Becoming an Instructor" Page.

Can I get a refund?                                                                                                                                            Once you purchase the Total Body Tabata Instructor Training Self Study Course we are not able to give you a refund.